Dark City: Fadian

Ilma looked pleased.  She smiled to herself and squared her shoulders before she began.

“In my time, there was a great schism between science and magic.  It started out peaceful enough, with intellectual debates and public demonstrations.  Soon enough, the demonstrations became protests, the protests turned into bloody conflicts and those intellectual debates escalated into a very real and deadly war.”

“And we are the last of humanity,” Kasim interrupted, as if he had heard it all before.

“One more word,” Kaleigha threatened, “And I will send you into the trees.”

Kasim looked to Kahrim for help, but the man stayed focused on Ilma.

“No,” Ilma continued, “As long as this dark city exists, I know that others are still out there.  The war in my time ground to a halt as one side successfully countered the other.  A small group of rebels from both sides decided to create a third option.  A way of science and magic to merge.  We called it Fadian.”

Kaleigha shifted.  The word stirred something up inside of her. It was something between urgency and fear.  She looked around, but her brothers seemed unmoved.

“No one took us seriously with our medieval garb and complex handshakes, but that was what we hoped.  In secret labs and chambers all over the world, we carried out a meticulously planned and carefully orchestrated series of experiments.  The hope was to create something using the principles of science and magic. You and the dark city are the result of experiment 1776 conducted by the Liberty Hall Fadian in Philadelphia.”

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