Dark City: The Story

Portrait ,by firelight,of a man from the primitive Cholanaicken tribe who still live in caves in the Nilambur forests ,Kerala,India.The Cholanaickens are hunters and gatherers.They hunt for honey on the darkest nights.

“That’s a start,” Kahrim nodded slowly. The flaming trees lit up his grave face. “but it is not enough to prove to me that you can handle the story.”

“Stories are lies,” Kaleigha smiled at him.  “And liars are the worst of all.  You will tell me the story or I will destroy everything between here and the gate to the city.”

Kahrim and Kasim exchanged looks.

“Do it!”  a voice emerged from the darkness beyond the flickering light. “Please.  Destroy it all so that we can be at peace.”

“Come here,” Kaleigha asked, but no one stepped forward. She called again, but got no answer.  “Come and I promise I will destroy it.  I’ll destroy the city, too!”

“No!” Kasim and Kahrim exclaimed at the same time.

“Tell me!”  Kaleigha closed her eyes and tried to make the fire build up in herself again. “Tell me or I will go nuclear on you!”

“You already know,” Kasim said. “Concentrate on remembering instead of all this destruction.”

“Death is our one true talent, brother” Kaleigha smirked. “I remember you said that.”

“There was a war long ago, we think,” Kahrim whispered. “Or an accident.”

“Go on,” Kaleigha encouraged as his voice tapered off.

“It changed the rules,” he said.

“Of?”  Kaleigha was growing impatient.  Kahrim’s slow pace made her wary.  She looked around, but nothing was sneaking up on her.

“Everything.”  He said. “The living did not die in the eternal darkness and those who died did not stay dead.”

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