Dark City: Black

Kaleigha glanced back at the illuminated forest before plunging into the darkness with Kasim.  This was not like the city streets, where the buildings’ interior lights spilled through doors and windows offering some relief.  The darkness here was whole and complete.  There was no moon and no stars.  Nothing.   Yet she sensed a path.

“Why can’t the story be told straight?”  she whispered.  There were no other sounds in the forest, but a slight rustle as they physically passed through shrubs and  low hanging branches.

“Why are you whispering?”  he asked in an exaggerated whisper.

“Whatever is in the woods…” Her voice trailed off and she became even more miffed that she didn’t know a thing about what was going on.

“We are ghosts!”  he shouted. “This is our domain and we travel without fear.  We answer only to call of our own kind.”

“What!” Kaleigha exclaimed. She looked about wildly, but saw nothing but solid black.

“These woods are a refuge of sorts for those who did not moved on and could not be pressed into service.”

“Stop,” Kaleigh commanded as she came to a halt.

“What is wrong?”  he asked.

“I will not go another step until you tell me what is going on,” Kaleigha stomped her foot, but it merely passed, without a sound, through the ground.

“I told you,”  Kasim sighed. “The story…”

“Yeah, yeah,” she interrupted. “The story cannot be told straight.  I don’t give a flying fuck. Start talking or I’m going back to the city.”


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