Dark City: Brink of Darkness

Kasim shrugged off the cape as soon as they were beyond the tiny lights.

“We are safe now,” he said as he folded the cape and shoved it under a bush. “No one will dare follow.”

“Shouldn’t we keep that?’  Kaleigha asked, eyeing the darkness before them.

“No, this will only hinder us out here,” He replied. He stood still for a moment, and then he  smiled.  “Can you feel it?’

“Yes,”  Kaleigha frowned.  There was something out there. No, here.  No.  Kaleigha could not tell where, but the presence was powerful and it filled her with dread.

“It won’t hurt us,” Kasim said, but he seemed unsure.

“What is it?” Kaleigha asked, inching back toward the lights.

Kasim dropped his arms and turned to study her.  He was silent a long while and for a moment, Kaleigha forgot her fear of the presence.

“How much do you know?” He asked, finally.  His shoulders slumped in resignation.

“Do you really have to ask?” she pursed her lips and tried to suppress the anger welling up inside of her.

“Right,” he shook his head a turned back to the forest. After a moment of silence he said, “The story cannot be told directly.  You must ask the right questions.”

“Why the fuck can’t the story be told directly?”  She snapped.  The unending darkness set her nerves on edge.  She was tired of the mysteries and the half-truths.  “How am I supposed to know what questions to even ask?”

”I would tell you that if you are who we are all afraid you are, then you will ask the right questions.”  Kasim sounded amused. “However, I am afraid that if you are who we think you are, I will end up a pretty light in the trees.”

He threw her a small smile and walked into the dark wood.

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