Dark City: Twin

The cloaked individual who emerged from the trees could have been her twin. He was older and heavy, but he moved through the underbrush without a sound.  Although he was dead, his skin did not have the same metallic sheen.  He appeared to be coated with a sooty dusting.

“Greetings, sister,”  Kahrim said.  “I am sorry our meeting is tinged with sadness.”

“Hello,” Kaleigha said. She was suddenly very uncomfortable.

“We met once,” he said, giving her a faint smile. “When you were very young.”

“I don’t remember you,” She frowned and took a step away.  The man’s presence was oppressive.

“The voices led me to your school,” he continued. “They told me to bring you to the park. You kicked and screamed, but we were two blocks away before anyone stopped me. They took you back to class and I continued on to become what stands before you.”

He studied her, waiting for a reaction to his tale.  Instead she blurted out:  “Why don’t you shine?”

Kasim tensed.

“I could not control my lust to kill,”  He smiled as if the memories were fresh and beautiful.  Kaleigha felt the buzz rise in the back of her head.

“We must not get distracted,” Kasim’s voice was quiet, but it held a fearful note.

“Return to the village,”  Kahrim said.  “The woods beyond the wards are no place for two novice ghosts.”

“No,” Kasim shook his head. “They will bind us for our crimes.”

“You are the last of father’s children,” Kahrim said. “Binding you would be foolish.”

“The still have you,” Kasim said and pulled Kaleigha beyond the golden lights.

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