Dark City: One Talent

They stood in silence for a moment.

“Well there is no point in trying to hide this,” Kasim sighed. “Go get us capes then we can come up with a plan.”

“Oh no,” the woman laughed. “You aren’t going to disappear into darkness and leave me to expl…”

“You’re right,” Kasim said and flicked his fingers.

The woman’s form pixelated into a thousand tiny golden lights that flitted out the door and settled in the nearest tree.

“Death is what we do, Kaleigha.” Kasim looked at her. The kindness was gone from his face. It was replaced by something hard and uncompromising.  “That is our talent. It is passed on in the blood.”

“You killed your friend for me?” Kaleigha stared at him in suspiciously.

“You are different,” he smiled at her.  “You are more worried about my loyalties than your well being.”

“My well being might depend on the strength of your loyalty,”  Kaleigha snapped.  “If you killed your own friend…”  Kaleigha shrugged and let the rest of the statement hang.

“This isn’t the hood,”  he sneered disdainfully.  “We are vital parts of something that breaks through the limits of basic loyalties.”

“You killed her for whatever cause you all support?” Kaleigha felt the push for death, the blood rage, well up inside of her again.

“Yes, it is far greater than any single life or death.”

“What is it?” she asked.

“We must go,” Kasim did not answer. Instead he got under the cape and guided her to the door. “As you saw, even ghosts can be killed.”

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