Dark City: The Park

Kaleigha zipped through the barrier with ease, but she was not prepared for what awaited her on the other side. The legends of what lurked behind the walls of the park were varied.  Some said it was a toxic waste dump.  Others said it hid a prison for those who spoke out against the elites. There was even story that the park was a playground for the elite of the elites.

They were all wrong.

“Kaleigha!”  A small group of people stood just beyond the gate. They were illuminated by tiny golden lights suspended in the trees overhead.  Young and old, living…and those like Kaleigha whose skin had a metallic sheen.  A young man rushed forward, a blue cloak in his hands.

“I am so sorry this happened to you,”  he said, swirling the cloak around her shoulders. Kaleigha felt a sudden burst of joy as the cloak settled on her shoulders.

“What…wait…how?” Kaleigha pawed at the cloak, but her questions fell beneath the happiness rolling over her.

“Be at ease, sister,” the young man smiled at her.  She studied his face.  He looked a lot like the man who claimed to her father.

“We are all of the blood here,” the man said as he gestured to the group.  She looked at them again.  Some looked like her father, some looked like the labor leaders in the penthouse.  Still others looked like the maid.

“You must have so many questions,” he squeezed her hand, adding one more question to her list. “Come to the village and we will explain everything.”

Kaleigha looked back at the gate.  There was a guard on this side, too. Her skin was metallic and she wore a cloak similar to the one on Kaleigha’s shoulders.

“Don’t worry,” the guard smiled encouragingly.  “You are safe.”

Kaleigha smiled back and let the young man lead her away.

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