Dark City: The Gate

Kaleigha knew something was wrong the minute she stepped outside. It was dark again.  Kaleigha looked up, searching for the newly risen sun, but found only empty sky. Not clouds.  Not the few stars that normally outshone the city lights.  Nothing.  The people on the sidewalk did not seem to notice.  Some even wore sunglasses.  They hurried along in on their morning routines in complete darkness as if nothing was amiss.

Kaleigha oriented herself.  An entrance to the massive Fairmount park was a short hike away.  Kaleigha entered the stream of pedestrians, unnoticed. She sped along putting as much distance between her and the penthouse as she could. In no time, she was standing before the entrance to the park.  Like the rest of the entrances, it was gated and locked.  The park was off limits to everyone, even the highest of the elites.  This gate was made of intricate ironwork and provided a glimpse of the thick greenery beyond. There was one guard, seated in a tiny gatehouse, playing on his cell phone and sipping on coffee.  This could be the entrance to one of the fabled estates of the on the other side of the river.

Kaleigha sniffed.  This was the least intimidating of any entrance she had seen.  The guards in her neighborhood were armed to the teeth and patrolled in front of thick walls crowned by razor wire.  Here it might be possible to slip past the distracted guard and squeeze between the fancy scrolls of the gate.

Kaleigha’s thoughts were interrupted by a woman’s voice.

“What the hell was that?”  the woman squealed as she and her companion walked right through Kaleigha.

“Probably some toxic gas leaking out of Fairmount,” the companion said, looking back in disgust.

Kaleigha smiled and charged the gate.

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