Dark City: Flee

Kaleigha scuttled away from her father’s minions, but they surrounded her. She shook her head to clear her sight, but the details did not change.  Instead of indistinguishable shadows, she could see faces on the dark figures.  And worse, she could hear their voices.

“It’s alright,” one of the shadows said. The figure had a woman’s face and its voice was kind and sweet.  “We won’t harm you.”  

“Get the fuck away from me!”  Kaleigha felt her new form harden at the figure’s words.   “I’m dead! How can anything be the fuck alright?”

“Be at ease,” another figure, a handsome man who looked a lot like her father, rubbed her shoulders.  “This is your fate.”

“No!” Kaleigha shrugged him off and pushed through their ranks. “I don’t want this fate.  I don’t want to be dead.”

She stumbled out into the living room and looked back. The burned woman and the other man wore looks of pure terror.  Her father and the tiny maid stared at her like stray dogs gazing at a thick, juicy steak. 

“Kaleigha,” her father’s broke with sadness.  “Please.  Please come to me.  Come sit with this foolish old man. “

“Don’t Bullshit me,” Kaleigha backed away.  She eyeballed the shadow people and wondered if she could get to her room.  “You just murdered me! And now…now.”  She looked at her new form and tried to put her loss into words. 

“I am so very sorry, my beautiful daughter.  I have watched over you all these years,” her father’s eyes were wet with tears.  “I wanted to reach out.  I wanted to explain, but there are rules.  I coul-“

“Flee!”  The maid screamed, interrupting his pleas. “Flee to Fairmount. They can’t get you there.”

Kaleigha ignored the shadows’ protests and bolted for the elevator. 






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