Dark City: Blood

Liquid warmth filled Kaleigha’s throat.  She was terrified, but there was no time to panic.   Kaleigha slashed wildly at her attacker.  It was the woman who fled the room, except her neat clothes were now splattered in blood.   A sharp cry let her know she hit her mark.  Kaleigha lunged and struck again, trying to hold in the cough that threatened to spray her blood everywhere. 

“Grab her!” her father’s voice slammed into her thoughts.  She tried to run, but tripped over the body at her feet.  She slammed against the floor, spilling blood onto the glossy tiles.   The men locked onto each arm and jerked her to her feet.  A ripping sound filled Kaleigha’s ears as the lights dimmed.  

Suddenly, Kaleigha was on the floor looking up at her body as it hung, limp and bloodied, between the two men.

“Shit! Not like this!” her father was enraged, but the

other man gawked.    They dropped her body and retreated to the burned woman’s side.  She cringed as her face hit the ground with a wet smack.  The hole in her neck continued to leak blood on the pretty floor.  Kaleigh felt some satisfaction knowing she’d messed up their neat little lives.  She looked down at herself.  She still looked solid, but her skin had a metallic pall.

“Contain her!”  Her father ordered. 

“Stupid, bitch,” the tiny maid appeared and hissed at Kaleigha. “Don’t just sit there! Fl-” The maid’s next words were lost as her father’s shadows swarmed them. 



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