Dark City: Barricade

Kaleigha slid to a stop in front of the polished elevator doors.  There were no buttons, only a pad intended for key cards.  She screamed in frustration and slapped the doors with her palms.   Suddenly she felt a presence behind her.  She peered into the shiny doors and recognized the legion of shadows that followed her father around.
“Leave me alone!”  she spun around to face them.  The kept a respectful distance, but muttered and shifted so much that it made her nervous.  She waited for an opening then gave in to the urge to get out of the foyer.

Kaleigha had just cleared the living room before her father emerged from the study roaring.

“Get back here!” he shouted and gave chase. Their footfalls echoed violently against the walls.   She made it to her room just as the shadows caught up with her.  They fluttered about, trying to distract her, but retreated as her father approached.

“Get the hell away from me!,”Kaleigha yelled as she slammed the door in his face. She threw herself against the door and fumbled for the non-existent lock, but her father didn’t even bother to try the door.

“Miss?”  the voice was at her elbow.

Kaleigha screamed at the top of her lungs and threw a punch.  The blow glanced off the short woman’s temple and should have sent her crumpling to the ground.

“You are almost free,” the maid said, dancing a bit to regain her balance.  “If the Labor Leader dies, you must take her place.”

“She still alive?” Kaleigha frowned. The maid nodded.

“Finish it,” the woman said and pulled a knife from her uniform’s pocket.

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