Dark City: The Burn

“The Union?”  it was Kaleigha’s turn to draw back. The Union, once a respected entity in this working class city, betrayed its own members by siding with the elite which plunged the city into poverty.  Only the scabs, like Mr. Jim, had any hope of living out their days in some semblance of comfort. The rest would get by, hand to mouth, relying on the paltry handouts from the elite. “Those rat bastards!”

Kaleigha forgot all about playing cool and unleashed a torrent of expletives. The woman cowered before her, crying.  Kaleigha began to black out from the nuclear rage welling up inside of her.  The only thing stopping her from having a full meltdown was the sudden smell of burning flesh.  The smell assaulted her nose causing her to choke on her own words.

“Miss!” the small maid appeared beside Kaleigha holding a wet towel. “Miss please!”

Kaleigha shook her head and brought her vision back into focus.  What was left of the woman lay in a smoldering heap on the glossy floor. The maid crouched down and draped the towel over the body.

“What happened?” Kaleigha asked even she knew that somehow she’d caused the woman to burn.  The maid looked up at her in askance, before turning back to the body and whispering.

Kaleigha cursed again, then sprinted for the elevator.  

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