Dark City: Lamb

Kaleigha wasn’t sure what to say so she kept silent.

“Come,” her father said and led them over to a glass table. He pulled out a chair and patted the back.  Kaleigha felt clumsy as she tried to sit in the spindly chair.  She held her breath, trying to balance her weight.   This was an environment for manners and grace.  Despite the beautiful garment she had on, Kaleigha did not match this place.

The small maid reappeared.  She served them tea and hor d’oeuvres from a rolling cart then disappeared again.   Kaleigha picked at the strange looking food, but stopped when she saw the others were not eating.

“Your mother was a very special person,” Her father said after taking a sip of tea.  “Good southern stock.  Rural roots. And an unbroken connection to the old lands. Gifted.’

He looked at the others who nodded.  The women gave her wide smiles.  Kaleigh got excited again.  Maybe her mother was from Center City, but chose a humble life in the neighborhoods.  She returned the smiles.

“That is why I chose her to be your mother,” the man stood and walked over to the wall of windows.  The pink glow of dawn filled the eastern sky, while the moon and it’s dark shroud still lingered in the west.

I could get used to this, Kaleigha thought.  She shook herself out of her fantasy and focused on her father.  He was staring at her as were the others.

“What?” she asked, embarrassed by their attention.

“Will you give yourself to this city?”  He asked.  His voice was neutral, but there was a strange light in his eyes.  The others leaned as if she had something very important to say.

“You want me to join your secret group?”  she asked.

“No,”  he said, stepping closer. “That won’t be necessary.”

“What position will I serve?”  She narrowed her eyes at him.  Something was not right.  “What would I do?”

“You will be our lamb,” he grinned.  “All you have to do is die.”

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