Dark City: The Penthouse

The ride into Center City was short and silent.  The shadowy figures did not join them in the car, but reappeared in the parking garage where they joined the long elevator ride to the upper floors.

“I will have a meal laid out for you,” the man asked as their entourage swept into a sumptuously appointed penthouse.”Refresh yourself and I will meet you in my study. “

Kaleigha stood in the middle of the foyer and watched him disappear behind a set of ornate doors. She looked around the penthouse in awe. The immense luxury made her feel small.

“This way, please,” a small woman with rounded shoulders appeared out of nowhere and gestured for her to follow.  They made their way down a glittering hallway.  The lacquered walls were illuminated by artistic glass chandeliers. The woman stood at attention before a red door. “This is your room.”

Kaleigha opened the door and stepped into a room as rich as the rest of the penthouse.

“Thank you,” she turned back to the door, but the woman was gone.

Half an hour later, showered and dressed, she crept back into the hallway. She followed the sound of hushed voices to small study off the dining room.

Her father and three other well dressed people hunched over an old, leather-bound ledger.  They spoke to each other in excited whispers. The shadows, hovering in tight knots in the corners of the room, grew agitated at her presence.

“Kaleigha,” the man straightened up and opened his arms. “Our savior.”

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