Dark City: Fate

“What will be hard?” She cast an uneasy glance at the figures propping her up.  She pulled away from them and stepped closer to the man.

“Kaleigha, you must accept your fate,” he said firmly.  A sighing chorus of agreement rose up from the shadows huddled around them.

“What fate?” she asked, annoyed at the cryptic statement.

“You were born to serve this city,” her father said after a long pause.  There was something more, but he did not continue.  Kaleigha looked at the man’s fine attire and, for the first time in many years, grew hopeful.  Was her father one of the elites that strutted around Center City? Had he come to whisk her back to his tower?

“Are you an elite?” she ventured. He raised an eyebrow.

“No,”  he said, “I too serve this city.”

“What do you do?”  Kaleigha tried to hide the disappointment in her voice.

“I will answer all of your questions,”  he said, eyeing a police patrol car that slowed to as it passed.  He reached out his hand. “But this is not the place.  Agree to your fate and all will be revealed.”

“I will come with you,” she said, taking her hand. “But agree to nothing until I know the whole story.  The shadows around them twittered excitedly.

“Good enough,’  her father said and led her away.

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