Dark City: Hunted

Kaleigh hiked up the hem of the khimar and dashed  between two row houses.  The footsteps of her pursuers hounded her through the empty lot and into the alley beyond.  She sprinted down the alley hoping it emptied onto a familiar street.

Fortunately it did.

Unfortunately, it was the deserted streets near the power station.  She crossed the street seeking haven in the halo of light around the power station.

Kaleigha slammed into the chain-link fence and shook it in frustration.

“I ain’t scared of you!”  she shouted, turning to face the shadowy figures. They milled nervously around the mouth of the alley.  Only one was bold enough to step into the light. He was tall and slender, with silver hair that complimented his impeccably tailored grey suit.

Kaleigha shoved her hand in the khimar’s pocket as if she was holding.  The man paused and smiled.

“‘Kaleigha,”  he said.  His voice was nothing like the soft, crackling voices from earlier.  “It has been years since I was relegated to street pursuits, but for you I left my tower to move once again a midst the people.   Do not trample my pride by making this difficult.”

“I don’t know you and I don’t owe you,”  Kaleigha squinted into the shadows behind the man, trying to gauge the number of attackers.

“You don’t remember me,”  the man let out a rich, warm laugh as if they were acquaintances at a cookout. The warmth was short lived.  “Otherwise you would know that you owe me your life.”

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