Dark City: On The Run

The backseat of the Chrysler sedan was warm and deep.  Kaleigha struggled to stay awake as the woman, Talifah, carried on a polite conversation. She perked up when the woman asked her about prescriptions.

“Excuse me?” Kaleigha turned toward the woman.

“I’m sorry,” Talifah bowed her head.  The jeweled pin holding her hijab in place glittered in light from the street lamps. “I do not mean to offend, but Sister Amina mentioned you had hallucinations.”

“Hallucinations?” Kaleigha turned to the woman.  Talifah nodded and stole a glance.

Kaleigha understood why Amina passed on the warning, but she felt betrayed all the same.  Before she could answer, the driver slammed on the breaks.

“What’s wrong, Sayeed?”  The woman opened the partition and spoke to the driver.
“There are people in the street,” he answered.  Kaleigha looked out the window.  They were in a part of a city that was not familiar to her.  The people impeding their progress were dressed in black and clustered in front of the car.

Kaleigha gave a cry of terror as a soft, scratchy voice filled the car.

“Release her,”  the voice said.

“It is ok sister,” Sayeed assured her.  “This car is covered by Alllah. We will not be harmed.”

“She is ours,” the voice held an unspoken threat.

“You must renounce Shatan,” Talifah’s plea was quiet and urgent. “Come to Allah and you will no longer suffer.”

“You can’t save me,” Kaleigha thought back to the Amina’s phone.  She swung the door open and escaped into the darkness.


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