Dark City: The Phone Call

Kaleigha crept through the dark house to the kitchen.  She needed some coffee to stay awake. If she closed her eyes now, the ghosts awaited on the other side of sleep to seize her. She couldn’t bear another night like that.

Their phones continued to ring every fifteen minutes despite being turned off. Amina hid them between the mattresses and fell asleep, but Kaleigha could still hear them.

“Whatcha lookin for, big legs?” Mr. Jim sat at the dining room table, fully dressed.  The light from his phone’s screen lit his face from below, making him look grotesque and other worldly. She suddenly felt very self conscious and stupid for creeping around without her house robe.

“Ain’t no ghosts in here,” the man laughed as his phone emitted the familiar ring.

“I’m just making a pot of coffee,” Kaleigha resisted the urge to grab his phone and fling it across the room.  She hurried into the kitchen and flicked on the lights

“What happens when you answer it?” Mr. Jim asked, still chuckling.

“Just the sound of rushing air,” she answered and rifled through the cabinets for filters.

“Are you certain?” the voice coming from the dining room was no longer Mr. Jim’s.  It was soft and crackling.

Kaleigha let out a cry and bolted from the kitchen.  Mr. Jim was still seated, but the phone was up to his ear.  She raced up the stairs and took refuge in her room.

“Amina!” she hissed. “Amina, wake up!”

“Wha?” Amina sat upright and stared straight ahead. “Lee Lee?”

“Get up, girl!” Kaleigha pressed her ear to the door. “They in the house!”

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