Dark City: Ghosts

Kaleigha looked up at the far off skyline of Center City as she turned onto her block. Grey clouds slithered between the twinkling towers obscuring their well lit helipads and bright roof-top lounges.  She felt a bit of satisfaction knowing the weather ruined their revelries.

“They’ll only build higher,” a hushed, crackling voice interrupted her thoughts.

Kaleigha took off running.  She didn’t need to turn around to know that no one was physically there.

“Lee Lee!”  Her mother cried as she barged into her house and slammed the door shut.  The living room was lit only by the flicker of the old flat screen mounted over the sealed fireplace. Her mother sat on the couch cuddled up with her latest love, Mr. Jim.  Her mother’s voice dripped with concern, but her eyes shot darts.“What’s wrong?”

“My phone is dying,”  Kaleigha gave Mr. Jim a brief nod before sprinting up the stairs to the room she shared with her aunt, Amina.

“Hey, twin!” Amina greeted her and took a drag off her joint. They were the same age and, despite their mothers’ denials, looked far too much alike not to have the same father.  “They after you again?”

“Yeah,”  she said and flopped on their bed.  She handed her phone to Amina who plugged it into the charging station on the nightstand. “I didn’t even feel it coming this time.”

“Come to Allah,”  Amina said, flicking the end of her hijab over her shoulder. “Shatan can’t…”

Amina was interrupted by their phones ringing.  It was the same tinkling ring and the same six digit telephone number.  Amina grabbed both phones and stared at them.

“You were saying?”

“How can they call two phones from one number?”  Amina’s voice was slow and dreamy from the weed.

“They’re ghosts,”  Kaleigha buried her face in her pillow.  “They got it like that.”

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