Gargoyles: Showdown

The boy’s shadow companion snuffled around the dark corners of the lair looking for her master. She found the boy, along with the angry man, standing in front of one of the dangerous chambers. There was a woman and man who were not dead and had no powers, but they were not her concern.  The angry man wanted her master and all of the masters in the brotherhood destroyed. Her master spoke with the woman. She was calm, but the angry man wanted to hurt her, too. The demon let out a roar and charged down the corridor.

“Eilyn, hide,” the master said and hurried the woman into the chamber. The woman begged for him and the angry man to join her.  They both refused.

“Now father,” the young master said, “You must pay for the life you were given!”

“You treacherous spawn!”  the angry man screamed and leveled a bolt of power at the demon.  She spiraled gracefully around the bolt and let the energy evaporate into nothing.

The angry man had to be destroyed!

Her memories were still strong:  the tiny alcove alight with votives, the sharp knife glinting in the candlelight, the strange words, waking up in the lair…

She let out a shriek of rage and slithered around the angry man.

“Mother, no!”  the young master screamed and she forced the angry man into the room with the undead.

The world faded amid a cacophony of voices, but the demon was rewarded with a final vision of her master stabbing the angry man.


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