Gargoyles: The Alliance

Tharlmund winked through the lair, his son in tow, thinking of every possible thing that could go wrong.  So far the necromancers had not put in an appearance and something held the demons at bay.  But Eilyn…

Tharlmund cursed aloud.

The girl made her way through the lair as if she lived here her whole life.  And now she hunkered just beyond his reach in a neutralizing chamber with the man from the Gathering Light. If she knew so much about the layout of the lair, then she probably knew as much about the necromancers.  The man from the Gathering Light would fill in the rest.

“What are you so afraid of, Father?”  his son croaked.  Tharlmund looked down and eased his grip on the boy. The child looked up at him and gave him a sad smile.  “What was done so long ago cannot be undone.  Pay for the life you were given so we can all be at peace.”

“You sound like your master,”  Tharlmund said as they appeared before the chamber where Eilyn hid.  “But I know better than to listen to the false promises of a necromancer.  Even one as young as you.”

“Do not let my youthful looks fool you,”  the boy twisted out of his father’s grasp and placed himself between the man and the door. “I came to the necromancers in this form, but I have studied with them for centuries.  My knowledge is greater than yours.”

“I have had the same length of time to study, son” Tharlmund grabbed the boy and got in his face. “And I was already well versed before you were born.”

“Then let us work together,” the boy smiled and gestured to the chamber door.

Tharlmund returned his son’s smile, then called his daughter’s name.


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