Gargoyles: The Other Side Pt. 4

“Come on,” Eilyn said as she took off running again.  Clement paused long enough to take a few notes before catching up with her.

“There are a few safe places where the demons cannot harm us,”  Eilyn huffed. “The necromancers use them when a conjuring goes wrong”

“How do you know this?” Clement asked.  He increased his pace, putting him shoulder to shoulder with Eilyn.

“I told you,” Eilyn threw a glance behind her.  The corridor was empty and that made her very nervous.  Someone or something should be on to them by now, but the lair seemed desolate. She turned her attention ahead.  “I studied the necromancy books in the palace library.”

“Right,” Clement agreed, “To find a way to reverse the spell.  But what made you decide to memorize the layout and boltholes of a mythical lair.”

“It’s not so mythical after all,” Eliyn let out a mirthless laugh.  The safe room was just ahead.  She tensed, expecting an attack, but they made it to the door unharmed. “We will be safe in here.”

“What about the necromancers?” Clement hesitated. “What will we do if one of them shows up.”

“We’ll be fine,” Eilyn said, pulling him into the large room. “The safe places absorb magic and prevent any spell from working.”

“Will it keep them out?” Clement pulled out the camera device and looked into the eyepiece. He frowned and hastily tucked it away.

“No,” she shook her head and latched the door.  “But I think we can take a few withered elders.”

“I don’t know,”  he said, “You’re pretty strong for your true age.”

“The curse..I mean spell kept me sixteen forever,” Eilyn felt an odd sense of loss creep into her heart.  She sighed.  “A necromancer can not call himself master until he has risen from the dead.”

“You never answered me,” Clement said, his curiosity overshadowing his fear of undead warlocks. “How are you so well informed?”

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