Gargoyles: The Other Side Pt. 3

“What is happening?”  Clement asked, finally.  The siblings gave each other pained looks. “Where is Lord Tharlmund?’

Eilyn made hasty introductions before declaring, “We have to find my father.”

Clement waited as Eilyn and her brother whispered, heads together, in their archaic french.

“My brother will take you back to the shelter where the rest are hiding,” Eilyn gave him a sad smile and squeezed his hand.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to stay with you,” Clement raised his notebook. “For the Society.”

A flash of anger crossed Eilyn’s face and for a moment, he thought she would say no. Instead they were distracted by a low growl. Clement squinted in the direction of the noise and discovered an inky shadow slithering their way.
The boy went crazy, shouting and pointing at the shadow.

“This way!” Eilyn grabbed his hand and dashed away from the figure. A wild shriek arose behind them causing Eilyn to stop. “Brother!”

Clement looked back to see the boy grappling with the demon. He could not tell if it was the child or the shadow filling the air with such screams.

“He’ll be fine,” Eilyn let out a sob and took off again. Clement lost sight of the struggle as they rounded a corner.  He refocused on Eilyn and his current surroundings.

“You are familiar with this place?”  He asked as she took another corner without hesitation.

“Yes,” she said breathlessly. “I studied the map in an old book in the palace library.”

“What!” Clement exclaimed, skidding to a stop.  “Where are we?”

“The necromancer’s lair.”


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