Gargoyles: The Other Side Pt. 2

Eilyn gaped at the boy standing before her. He looked just like her brother and he even wore the same clothes her brother had on when he… Eilyn couldn’t complete the thought.

“The stars are jewels on the ebon breast of night,” He recited a line from a poem she adored before they were cursed.

“Twinkling lively in the moon’s silver light,” She finished and wrapped her arms around him. Like her, the boy was tall for his age.

“I am happy to see you again,” the boy said. “But I prayed that you would not make it here.”

“Where is here?” Eilyn asked, looking around.  Clement stood beside them scribbling in his notebook. “This is Clement. He was monitoring the spell when I dragged him into our problem.”

“Do you have any idea how to break the enchantment?”  the boy asked.  He smiled at Clement who nodded curtly then continued to scribble.

“He doesn’t understand you,” Eilyn hugged her brother again.  “Our language  is no longer spoken.”

“Oh,”  the boy whispered, defeated.  “Sister, how long has it been?”

“Don’t”  Eilyn said. “You will only break your heart.”

“How long?”  he asked, his voice strengthened with determination.

“Since you’ve been gone?” Eilyn whispered. “Five hundred years.”

“Dear god!”  he exclaimed. “Are you the last?’

“Yes,” Eilyn smiled. “The dragon in the great hall took me, Clement, and father.”

“Father?” her brother frowned at her then looked around wildly. “Where is he?”

“I don’t know,” Eilyn answered. “What type of danger are we in?”

“Another eternity of being hunted and tortured,” the boy gave her a hard look. “And father is the key to our release.”


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