Gargoyles: The Other Side Pt. 1

She’s awfully agile for a seven hundred year old. Clement thought as Eilyn used the force of his push to swing around.

“No!”  She cried and reached out for him.

And awfully strong for a teen girl. His mind was surprisingly calm as Eilyn dragged him through the tapestry.

The pain began before they hit the floor.  Clement’s ears rattled from the volume of their screams.  Eilyn thrashed wildly landing solid kicks on Clement’s stomach.  He scarcely felt them.
The demons slashed and tore at his face and chest in a bloody frenzy.  He threw up his hands to protect himself from their sharp talons.  Each swipe felt like a thousand hot razors peeling back his flesh.

Just when Clement felt he would break from the pain, it stopped. Eilyn’s screams died with his own, leaving a thick silence.  He shivered on the floor, afraid to open his eyes.

“Eilyn!” an unfamiliar voice floated into his ears. “Eilyn?  Where are you?”

“Clement?”  Eilyn sobbed.

“No,” Clement removed his hands from his face and sat up. His skin burned, but when he looked down, there was no evidence of the demons’ attack. He took in their surroundings. “What part of the palace is this?”

“It’s just as I feared.”  Eilyn said, hopping to her feet. Besides her rumpled hair, she, too, bore no signs of the attack.

“Eilyn?”  the voice came again.

“Show yourself,” Eilyn called, looking around warily. “Get to your feet, Clement. This could be a demon trick.”

“No, Eilyn,”  A slim boy in tattered courtly wear stepped out of the shadows. “Tis I, your only brother.”

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