Gargoyles: Eilyn Part 2

Eilyn leaned against the heavy wooden door and watched Clement unravel.  He was not willing to man handle her away from the door, but each howl of the demon sent him into a panic.

“Daughter,” her father said.  “A guest must be allowed to leave at will.”

“He is no longer a guest, father,”  she said crossing her arms.  “I claim him as hostage against the Gathering Light Historical Society.”

“In my house,” Her father started.

“This is my mother’s palace,” she countered. “As a second son, you came into your wife’s house with nothing more than grandfather’s power to bolster your status.”

“Lady Eilyn!”  Clement yelped as another howl came from the hall.

“We cannot stay here,” her father hissed. “Follow me.”

They scurried through the darker corridors of the palace with the demon’s howls getting closer and louder.  They made it up to her mother’s tower just as the shadow caught up to them. The demon howled and banged at the closed door.

“In here,” she said ducking behind a tapestry of biblical scenes. “The cross on the door won’t stop him for long, but we will be safe in my mother’s private chapel.”

They huddled in the small space, listening. The tapestry fluttered as the demon tested the wards on the entrance to the alcove.

“No,” Clement looked sick.

“Help us,”  Eilyn demanded. “Ring your superiors and send out a necromancer to reverse the curse.”

“It’s not a curse!” Clement said through his teeth.  “It is the exact spell your father requested.”


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