Gargoyles V

“What is that thing?” Eilyn asked as Clement swept the device over her form.

“It allows me to see,”  he paused and turned his attentions to the  man. ‘The unusual, the enchanted, the evil, the otherworldly, the supernatural.”

“What do you see when you look at us, sir,” the lord suddenly became uncomfortable.

“Dust,” Clement said flatly.  He also saw the divine goodness haloed around Eilyn and the dark enchantments around her father, but he remained silent.

“What does that mean?” Eilyn stepped closer to him. “Does that prove our word?”

“Yes,” He tucked the device away and scribbled a page of notes.  The pair waited until he was finished.

“Can the Gathering Light help us?” The lord asked after Clement tucked away the notebook.

“According to our research,”  Clement said carefully as he walked into the great hall, “The spell cast on this palace and its grounds will dissolve once the last person it is supposed to protect dies.”

The lord nodded, his eyes narrowed suspiciously.

“Right. The trick being that we can never leave the boundary of the grounds,” Eilyn sounded impatient. “Or die or age or give birth.”

“Unless taken by the demons pressed into service to protect you,” Clement took another look at the stone dragon before continuing into the foyer.

“We have an age of riches,” the lord pled as Clement exited the palace. “Whatever your society wishes, we can buy.”

“I am sorry,” Clement said as a great howl arose in the hall behind them, “The Gathering Light merely observes and contains.  We do not get involved.”



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