Gargoyles IV

Clement stared at the pair for a moment before laughing.

“Thank you for…”  Clement  paused when they did not join in. “For allowing me to see your home.  I complement your humor in the face of nosey tourist, but now I must be on my way.”

“The Gathering Light must help us break the curse of the gargoyles!” Eilyn exclaimed as he turned away.

“The Gathering Light does not take part in practical jokes,” Clement continued toward the hall.

“I was born 23rd of July in the 1297 of the Julian calendar,” Eilyn jogged to catch up with Clement.

“Eilyn!”  The lord came after her.  “Remember yourself!”

“In 1301, my brother’s birth sparked a war of ascension between my father and my heirless uncle for my grandfather’s throne,”  Eilyn grabbed Clement’s arm and let out a desperate sob.  “After a decade of war we sought the assistance of necromancers.  On the 29th of January 1313…”

“ I know the story of how the demons were trapped in the gargoyles,” Clement looked down his nose at the woman as he tried to pry his arm from her grasp. “And I believe that you can see them.  You are quite brave to live here. However, there is no way I will believe that you are nearly seven hundred years old.”

“Why is that so hard to believe?”  The lord asked.  “I have seen the work of the Gathering Light on the internet. You track down and capture any number of nightmares and legends.  Your group has come to my home each year for the past two centuries to check the gargoyles, yet you will not believe that we have been trapped here all this time.”

Clement studied them as he tried to recall the Gathering Light’s history of the property. Finally, he sighed and lifted the viewer to his eye.

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