Willing Flight

“This is your last chance to come at will,” the stranger said.

Unulasi clutched the dress to her chest, overcome by sudden curiosity. She shook her head to rid it of the notion.  The war was at their gates and she could not abandon her vows for an adventure.

“That’s right,” the man hummed. “Run your paces.”

Unulasi took a step back.

If this man could slither in past the elder Dames, then it was her duty to figure out how.  She could escape after he fell asleep.

“Ready?”  He asked. Unulasi could picture the smug look on his face.   She sighed and scrambled into the dress.

“I will not renounce my vows if we are stopped,” she declared after putting on her boots.

“You won’t have to,” he said and settled her cloak on her shoulders. ”No one will cross our path this night.”

“How do you know?”  She demanded.  “The night watch has doubled since the start of the war.”

“The pretty ones are always a bit slow,” he said under his breath.

“Excuse me!” she sputtered as her cheeks flushed.  The man sighed and walked over to the door.  Unulasi thought she felt a something ripple through the air around her, but she was not sure.

“All clear,” he said finally and opened the door.  The corridor was quiet and empty save for a lone figure who stood at the end of the hall blocking their exit.  Unulasi gasped and attempted to get her story together in her head.

“Come on, “ the man said and strode confidently toward the still figure.  Unulasi clutched her hands and tried to appear afraid, but the figure did not acknowledge their approach.  As they drew even with the person, Unulasi realized it was Dame Jocel.

“Dame Jocel!” she squeaked and stopped. However, the woman stared off in the distance, her face serene, as if they were not there.

“Keep up!” he called over his shoulder.

“You have done this before,” she said in awe and took off after him, more curious than ever.


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