Queen Milauris stared at the velvet swaddled man in disbelief. His piggish blue eyes were pleading and excited at the same time.
“And you are sure of this mistake?” she asked, looking down at the parchment in her hand. The words swam before her eyes, but they were already seared into her brain.

…due to misinterpretation of the highly decorative script common in the abbeys of the Telpudow era, the throne of  Grendcia belongs to house Yahelis and not the current dynasty of Yaneriy monarchs.

“Yes, your highness,” the man bowed slightly, as if he no longer considered her Queen. “Both the Abbot at Light’s Grace and the Master at the Grand Library vetted my research. You will find their seals at the bottom of the letter.”
“These great men know of information that could change the fate of this entire kingdom,” she leaned forward and squinted at the man. “Yet they trust a simple scholar to deliver such grave knowledge?”
The man squared his shoulders, but did not answer.
“Ah!” she knit her brow and nodded, “Perhaps they thought I would take your head and they could pass you off as some deranged fool who stole their seals?”
The scholar squirmed under her gaze.
“But the Master and the Abbot taught me long ago, that the truth cannot be suppressed,”  the queen smiled at the man and he visibly relaxed. “So where are the descendants of this house Yahelis and why have they never come forward to lay claim to the throne?”
“Well,” the man grew animated. “what is interesting is that all mention of the house disappeared with the end Tupeldow era.”
“What is so interesting about a lazy novice’s typo?” the Queen felt her temper rising.
A wide grin spread across the man’s face.
“House Yahelis and house Yaneriy are named mortal enemies in the Dance of Flames!”

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