Claymore followed the hologram through the silent ship, carefully stepping over heaps of sleeping felines. As she journeyed, she studied each area she passed and found no indications of stress or struggle. She was not foolish enough to believe the crew of the Starlit Maiden had escaped whatever caused them to activate the portal, but she found a fair bit of hope in the fact ship was still intact and nothing but cats and junk had ever come to her world.
“Sergeant Kilandra Claymore entering the bridge,” the ship’s mainframe computer announced as the rudimentary scanner over the threshold read the chip embedded behind her left ear.
Claymore was impressed. She made a beeline for the captain’s chair, but stopped short. She had mistakenly believed the Starlit Maiden was drifting about in space. Instead, the bridge’s  panoramic windows showed a small clearing surrounded by thick woods.
“Where is this?” Claymore asked. The tree species were unfamiliar.  The ship did not answer. She frowned and continued her quest for the captain’s log.
“Ah!” she exclaimed as the Maiden gave up her first clue.  The plastic casing that protected the emergency protocol panel was gone and the ‘hostile engagement’ button pressed.
“Access captain’s log,” Claymore said, hoping the system would recognize her as the most senior officer present.
“Please enter pass code,”   The ship asked.
“Well that solves one mystery,” She said. The pass code was a secret Wide Horizon fail safe to keep non-crew members from taking over a ship.
“Sergeant Claymore.”
Kilandra turned and let out a yelp.

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