Claymore looked around. She was somewhere in the cargo hold of the ship. To her surprise, the interior of the Wide Horizon ship was pristine and bright. A blast mark from the JC100 marred the white beams overhead, but grew fainter by the moment.  The roars and cries of the feline colony drifted through the hold, but there was no other sign of life.
“Self-cleaning,” she whispered to herself as she unholstered her fire arm. The Wide Horizon ships were closed, self-sustaining systems designed to travel for centuries without exterior supplies or maintenance.   
Claymore swept the space again before she knelt down to inspect portal projector. The ship’s crest and name, Starlit Maiden, were emblazoned on the projector. Like the rest of the ship, it was as shiny and clean as the day it was manufactured. It offered no clue as to the fate of the Starlit Maiden‘s crew. 
Claymore studied the calibrations then turned the projector off. It was streamlined and designed to be portable. She lifted the device with ease and clipped it to her belt.  There was one sure place to get the real story on the Starlit Maiden: the captain’s log. 
“Map,” she said aloud. A 3D hologram of the ship appeared before her.  Thousands of tiny blue dots swarmed through the hologram including one that rested inches from the red dot that represented her. 
“Suppress all non human life,” Claymore said. Moments later, the blue dots dimmed.  She crept over to the nearest cat and found it sound asleep. Satisfied that she was safe, she commanded, “Take me to the bridge.”  

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