Cat Got Your Tongue

Officer Claymore watched from her hiding place as the grotesque feline creature cracked open her captain’s skull and gnawed out his tongue. Fits of laughter bubbled up as the old phrase ‘Cat got your tongue’ came to mind. Her companions shot her deadly looks. She regained her composure and aimed her ancient JC100 at the animal.  The shot would do little but singe the creature, but the noise would draw hundreds more into the blast zone.
The portal that brought the creatures to her world still belched up a few artifacts from the Wide Horizon crew that originally opened it. However, after half a century, it mostly spit out ever-evolving versions of a cat.  The first ones were small like the house cats that   accompanied the Wide Horizon crews into deep space. Soon enough they grew in size and aggressiveness until squads were needed to keep them at bay.
Claymore pulled the rusted trigger. The JC100 chugged before letting out a fiery shot. 
“Damn!” she said as the shot sailed over the cat’s head and directly into the portal.  The cat paused in its consumption of the captain and sniffed the air. 
Claymore flattened herself back into the crew’s hiding place. 
The cat pounced, barely missing her foot. The animal hissed angrily and paced until it was joined by its kin. The felines fought over the captain’s carcass, wounding and killing each other. 
“Now!” Claymore whispered to their bomber. The man gave her the thumbs-up and squeezed the detonator.   

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