We Are All We Got

The light bearers were stopped at what should have been the main gate to their town. Instead they stood at the edge of a vast clearing. 
“What happened?” Skon called out to them. They turned and gaped in absolute terror at the unspoken. 
“Run, Skon!” one of the fire bearers stepped forward and brandished his torch at the unspoken. 
“Stop!” she said. “They have not hurt me.”
Can you hear me, blood-born? The fire bearer’s unspoken came forward, his flesh sizzling in the light of the flame.  The man fainted. His torch fell to the ground and snuffed out in the snow. 
“They can speak?” another light bearer came forward. His voice shook as he said, “come forward my dark twin. I want to face my death with bravery.” 
I’m not going to kill you, the man’s unspoken came forward. You have done nothing to deserve my wrath.  
The man grinned and reached out for his unspoken. The unspoken looked to the mentor who shook his head ‘no.’  The mentor looked angry as the  fainted man’s unspoken helped him to his feet.
There is something very wrong, the mentor said. First you could not get the fire to dance and now the village, along with both of our peoples, is gone. Worst of all, you can hear us.
“Worst?” the elder light bearer asked. “You have plunged us into the bleak world of grey death!” 
Except we are here too, the mentor said angrily. As are your sacred lights.
Let’s go back to the vale, Noks said, I don’t think this clearing is safe. 
Both unspoken and blood-born nodded in agreement, then headed into the woods. 
“I will not follow, these…these…” the elder snatched a torch from one of the fire bearers and jabbed at the retreating figures.
Well until we figure it out, the mentor shook his head and turned away from the clearing, we are all we got. 

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