Locked Out

Something was wrong.
Noks watched the blood-born scurry around the blood stained slab in a panic. 
What happened to the fire dance? Her mentor sounded concerned. He crept closer to the group in the vale. The blood-born turned, tense and wide-eyed. 
What are they doing? Noks moved into the open and locked eyes with her bonded blood-born. 
The group gathered around the rock let out a cry and charged the entrance to the vale. 
Get back! Her mentor pressed himself against the sheer rock face, but Noks held her ground.  The torch bearers charged past her screaming at the top of their lungs.  The light singed her flesh and seared her pupils. 
Where are you going? Noks blocked the passage of her blood-born. The woman was terrified. She looked past Noks at the dwindling lights, but did not cry for help. What went wrong?
“We are locked out of our powers,” the blood-born answered. “Are you going to kill me?”
That’s not possible!  Her mentor came forward and stared at the woman. She shouldn’t be able to hear us.
“Why not?” the blood-born asked. Once again her curiosity overcame her fear. 
Her mentor did not answer. He stared intently into the dark forest muttering: Not possible. 
Suddenly, he took off running. The others took off behind him
Come. Noks said to her blood-born. The woman nodded and kept the pace. The others shot bewildered looks at the woman, but she did not seem to notice.
The group of blood-born were well ahead of them. Too far ahead. 

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