Feliece’s mouth watered as she looked at her cards. A royal flush was a winning hand. She swallowed hard and tried not to think of the liver and soft cheeks up for grabs. The lust would give her away. She waited her turn then grinned as her playmates folded. The woman playfully smacked her lips as she slid the poker chips toward her.  So far she was out a toe and some fat, but others were not so lucky. One of their number would not walk out of here tonight. Another would probably die of infection within the fortnight as no hospital would believe this was all by choice. Besides, there was no way to expose the act without exposing oneself. Everyone at the table was afoul of the law.  One was simply a murderer who reveled in the act. Feliece was a cannibal. The others were complex sadistic creatures straight out of nightmares.
“Game over,” their host, a voyeur, rasped from the corner. “Time to pay up.”
The murderer smiled and tapped the chip for Feliece’s toe against his cherubic mouth.  Feliece licked her lips and wondered how his tasted.
“No!” the young man set to lose liver, and thus his life, jumped up from his seat. “It’s only 11!”
“There is no more time,” the host was angry. “We must distribute the winnings and clean up.”
“One more round,” the man wearing a shirt of human skin said as he eyed the fat man to his left. “I didn’t get what I came for.”
Feliece knew in that moment that the night would end in mayhem. She was too small to fight off most of the men, but if she had an alliance with a fiercer fighter, she could bargain for her life later on. She looked at the murderer. He was trembling in anticipation of the bloodbath. She raised an eyebrow and he nodded. Feliece tried to keep her stomach from rumbling as she picked up her new hand of cards.

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