“This is the India room,” the count said hurriedly and tried to rush the family along.
“Whoa, hold up,” Gavin pushed past the old man into the the room. ” This doesn’t look anything like India.”
“And exactly what does India look like?’ the old man raised a brow, but Gavin had no sense of shame.
“You know,” Gavin shimmied and twisted his shoulders, “Silk and spice.”
The count gave Gavin and icy stare.
“I want this room,” Gavin said whipping out his phone. “Wait till I post this bullshit.”
“Very well,” the count hesitated then added, “keep a light burning.”
Gavin rolled his eyes and continued to snap pictures, but the moment the his family and host were out of earshot, the atmosphere of the room changed. The young man began to feel eyes upon him as he moved about the room. He shook it off and figured the count had security cameras installed to protect the castle’s antiques.
“Smart guy,” he nodded approvingly.
Suddenly, the room’s solid wood door slammed shut.
“The fuck!” Gavin spun around and dropped his phone. He studied the room. It appeared empty, but he had the distinct feeling he was not alone. 
The man slowly knelt to the floor, eyes on the room, and felt around for his phone.  He came up empty. He looked down. The gadget blinked the darkness beneath the canopied bed. 
Gavin gave the room another glance then slid under the heavy wooden frame.
Just as he touched his phone, he felt someone sit on the mattress.
“Mom?” he called. The bright smell of delicious curry filled his nose, making his stomach rumble.
He slid from under the bed and hopped to his feet only to find himself alone, again.
“Mom!” he walked over to the door and tried to open it, but the knob would not twist. He stuggled for a few moments before he realized his efforts masked the stealth swish of footsteps.
Gavin turned and pressed his back to the door.
While the room still appeared to be empty, he felt the malevolent presence as it approached him.
Gavin panicked. He turned to call for help but the sound never left his mouth. A colorful silk cord found its way around his neck and began to squeeze.

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