The children giggled with delight as the Legos snapped into place. The lightweight plastic blocks moved easily under their spectral fingers. Soon they would have another creation to share with Mum and Da. 
“What’s that noise?” their mum, bolted upright. The children stopped their project and flitted to their parents’ bedroom door.  Mum glared into the darkenss searching for them. “Fred, wake up.”
“Mila?” Da rolled over, groggily and rubbed Mum’s back. “Do you want a kiss from Prince Valium?”
The children snickered again.  Da was so silly!
“There it is again!” Mila hopped out of the bed and ran toward them.  The children took off running with Mum in hot pursuit.
“Wait come back here!” Da jumped out of bed and joined in the chase.
The children squealed with delight as their parents chased them through the wide, modern house.
“Babies?” Mum cried breathlessly, “Is that you, my loves?”
“No,” their father said, disgusted, “let them be.”
“I can feel them,” Mum smiled. “They are…”
“They aren’t here,” Da scurried ahead of Mum and blocked the entrance to the nursery. “They’re gone.”
Da was the best at hide and seek.
“Just,” Mum floundered. “I want to see.”
“Fine,” Da relented and flicked the lights on, “this is the last time. Tomorrow we clear it out.”
“Oh!” Mum exclaimed, pleased.  The children were thrilled.
“What the hell!” Da’s eyes bugged out. The children tittered. “Did you do this?”
They’re here. ” Mum, sobbed quietly, stroking each miniature creation. “My darlings are here.”

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