The woman awoke confused and shivering. A grey pallor lay over the world and a strange buzzing filled her ears.
“Kedla?” She called to her companion.  She was naked, covered with only by a thin sheet. The woman studied the room. It was a lab, possibly in a hospital.
The woman slid off metal table and walked to the door of the room.
“Kedla?” She called again, looking up and down the hall.
A group of men in white coats appeared at one end of the hall.
“Dr. Moyer! Are you ok?” They shouted at her and seemed too fearful to approach. The woman stared at the men trying to place their strange faces.  She tried to remember how she got there, but her mind was cloudy.   In fact, the woman could not remember her own name.  She looked up again and the white coats had been  replace by a knot of black-clad soldiers. 
“Stay calm, Dr. Moyer,” their leader shouted. They moved down the hall perfectly synchronized with their weapons trained on her.
“We have more serum,” one of the men in white coats reappeared. “Please don’t destroy her!”
“Stand down, Dr. Farukk!” the soldier shouted. “Dr. Moyer, if you can still understand me, step back into the lab.”
The woman stepped back into the room and closed the door.
“You’re awake,” a voice said.
The woman turned around and screamed. Kedla stood at the head of the metal table. On it lay both her and Kedla’s bodies.

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