Once upon a time, Milca looked for rainbows after the rain. They meant clear skies and sunny days. That was back when all she wanted was a larder full of food and feast days that never ended.  Now she clutched a JC100 ion cannon and squinted into the misty afternoon, prepared to blast the slightest glimmer of a rainbow. Milca blinked and refocused. Her guard meant life or death for those in the compound behind her. She had to stay alert.
The vicious dolgani were left by those who fell from the sky to guard their disabled craft. The beasts were silent, swift,and their skin deflected the daylight in a way that made them invisible to the naked eye. Their bodies ran hot and that was their downfall. The intense heat radiating off the dolgani vaporized the humid air and created rainbow halos around them. 
Milca smiled. If she let even one of the dolgani through it was over for them all. The hunger. The fear. The sadness. The struggle. A nice peaceful sleep to replace the chaos of existence. That was the only way out. Even if they managed to kill every dolgani, those who fell from the sky would eventually return. 
The first rainbow appeared fifty yards away and closing fast on her position. She blew it to bloody bits without thinking. The second rainbow came into view, but it approached slowly. This time Milca stopped herself from pulling the trigger.  She stood up and whistled softly.


  1. Rainbows, the harbingers of death and destruction… I LOVE IT

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