A Horrible Holiday


Holly shivered violently as she crouched behind the horse trough. The powdery snow at her feet sparkled with drops of frozen blood.  Another shiver rattled her voluptuous frame.   She wasn’t sure how much longer she’d last.  The bodies around her were long cold and it was only a matter of time before that thing realized she was not stiffening with them.  Holly whimpered into her bloody mittens.  Her mind was numb, but every time she thought of the thing that killed her friends she wanted to scream.  Even hours later, its’ glistening fangs and worm-eaten face greeted her when she closed her eyes.  In the beginning, her survival instincts kicked in and she entertained the thought of dashing to the barn or even the farm house down in the shallow vale.  But as the night wore on and screams from the house ripped through the night, her instincts began to tell her that she was not going to see dawn.  A bitter sob escaped her lips.

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