The Most Dangerous Time of the Year


Everyone makes such a big deal about Halloween,  Leisha thought as she scurried down the empty block.  They run around so frightened of the dangers lurking in that particular night. 

“What’s wrong?” Alois asked, struggling to keep up with her brisk pace.  A troubled frown fell across his sweaty, fat face. 

“They are all fools,” Leisha spat.  The weeks that followed were far more dangerous as the days shortened and the sun died along with the autumn leaves.   

“Darling,” Alois whined, “we must get in before sunset.”

“We agreed to protect the children,” Leisha said, never slowing down.

“Walczecz is dead,” Alois’ voice grew hard. “We are not bound by any promises made to him or his… his..” Alois finished his sentence with a flourish of chubby fingers.

“Junta?’  Leisha offered.  “If death cannot bind us, then we are not worthy of our gifts.”

“You talk like this is a movie,” Alois gave a hearty laugh.   Leisha rolled her eyes and turned the corner .

They were too late.

Alois’ laughter turned into roar of rage. 

“You  get the kids,”  Leisha cried as she ran into the street. “I’ll handle this.”

But Alois did not listen. He was right beside her as they turned to face the nightmare tearing up the street.

The monster was huge.  It sat on its’ haunches  flinging cars into the air and shrieking  into the grey sky. 

The edges of the beast’s green scales glowed in the dimming light. 

Liesha drew a calming breath.

“No!” Alois grabbed her hand, “Something’s not right.


  1. Moral: I am woman, hear me roar! How did I get stuck with this fat scary fuck?

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