This is Not an Apocalypse Story.


This is not an apocalypse story.  This has nothing to do with the treacherous few who let their egos decide our fate.  Nothing to do with mindless power struggles or unbridled greed.  And nothing must be spoken of the science that silently shifted from salvation to shadow. 

 This is not an apocalypse story.  It is not about the reddening skies or the shards of blackened glass that rained upon us. It is not about the winds that would not stop howling, the sun that could not shine through the thick cloud cover, or the waters that congealed to poisonous slime.   

This is not an apocalypse story! We were…are good people.  Our civilization was so good.  Our society was whole. But that did not stop nightmares from materializing out of legend.  It did not keep the heaving ground from swallowing buildings whole.  It did not stop millions of healthy souls from fading into tiny particles that drifted into the violent air. 

This is not an apocalypse story! We fought valiantly against the unforeseen, the unexpected, and the unexplained.   But we could not win a war against ourselves.  We survivors straggled off expecting a quiet demise, but death was too easy. 

THIS IS NOT AN APOCALYPSE STORY!  There will be no pitiful wails for things lost.  There will be no struggle to uncover why.  There is no resurrection or re-genesis. We cannot rise again as we did not end.  And now we just are.  Here.  Adapting to what our world has become. 


  1. Are we discussing the current state of our society because this is kinda how I feel on a daily basis.

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