Clearing out Ghosts

What you seek you will find. And when dealing with the occult, it often seems you actualize what you study. For example, a person who studies ghosts will notice more often the tell-tale signs of hauntings and spirit activity. All that activity can be annoying. What can be done? The list below is for the two basic hauntings (more on those in a later post) and should be used with care.

1. Talk to it. This seems to be everyone’s go to bit of advice. I don’t like it. Why? If you’re unsure of what you’re dealing with (spirits a renowned tricksters), you’ve just opened the lines of communication and invited further incursion into your life. But if you insist on this method, it is nothing more than acknowledging or calling upon the ghost then asking or demanding that it leave.
2. Smoke it out. The is my personal favorite as it requires no communication or contact with the ghost. All that is needed is a decent incense and patience. Light the incense and walk through the entire house, suite, apartment from front to back. You can say prayers or just focus on a clean, purified space. For this type of work, I prefer bundles of dried white sage. However, commercially available sticks of Nag Champa or a homemade mix of onion and garlic skins will suffice.
3. Objects. These are things like Christian crosses, crystals, or ‘evil eye’ items used to ward off negativity. There is a chance that these won’t completely solve a haunting. As they solely focus on dispersing negative energy, any ‘harmless’ haunting may remain unaffected.
4. Symbols. They operate the same as the objects mentioned above. The difference is that symbols are honed in on getting rid of ghosts, leading to a complete, successful clearing. Seals like those found in the Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses or the Hexes of the Pennsylvania Dutch can be used to set up protection and ward off any disturbances in the home.


  1. I personally like 2 and 4 but find that I use option 2 more often with great successes.

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