The Far Back Room (Pt. 1)

When hauntings and ghosts come up, so do images of decrepit old buildings. However, my introduction to terror was a modern, well lit room attached to the back of my great- grandmother’s house. The addition was built in the mid seventies to accommodate my first cousins who relocated to Texas. But something was slightly off about the room. The air shimmered as if something was about to materialize, but was thick enough to muffle any noise from outside the room. Needless to say, my cousins never slept in the room, preferring instead to bunk with our grandma. The addition was used briefly as a guest room, but quickly fell out of favor as people began to report strange experiences. Everyone reported feeling something was standing over them when they slept. Others also swore they saw the heads of my cousins’ dolls swivel to watch them went the lights went out. There was one doll in particular, a three foot high ‘walking doll’, that gave everyone the creeps even in broad daylight. A few people dared to whisper that she got up and crossed the room in the deep hours of the night. Several people, none of whom ever set foot in that house again, said they were pulled out of sleep by the sound of chattering teeth. When they sat up to investigate, they were greeted by the sight of a glowing skull floating in the center of the room. Later my mother confirmed that as a child sleeping in another bedroom, she often saw a strange light in the backyard and heard the sound of chattering teeth. As a child of the 50s, she thought it was aliens landing and hid under the covers to escape what she assumed was a death ray. She and my uncles also said they used to find tiny colorful beads in the area where the addition was built after it rained. They thought they were old rosary beads, but from what they describe, I think they were the nation beads once traded in the Spanish colonial empire. These beads were coveted and have been found in indigenous burials in Florida and the Philippines. Burials. Yeah, I had to let that sink in. I was living my own version of one of my favorite movies, Poltergeist, and didn’t even know! I’m just glad it didn’t end with the house crumpling into the ground


  1. I got chills. I love it!!!!

  2. I got chills. I love it!!!!

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