Pitch and Overview of The Dogwood Grove

A love struck freeman of mixed race with latent mystical powers and a meddling personal god, must choose between freeing his deceased mother’s enslaved tribe or staving off the curse that endangers his father’s spirit all while tracking down a mysterious presence in the swamps that threatens the entire parish.

Orphan Frederick des Allmandes has lived in a comfortable demi-monde as a wage earning freeman residing on the St. Luc plantation since he was a child. His charmed life is the work of a personal god inherited from a religion he actively shuns. Frederick has become deaf to the dietity’s pleas to return to the fold. He has also grown comfortable with the stagnant tug of war between his mother’s people who view him as the liberator foretold by their ancestors and his father’s ghost who shields him in the white settlements in exchange for protection from a curse leveled by his mother’s gods. The boring stalemate unravels with the arrival of a beautiful new maid who stirs in Frederick the longing for a life away from the plantation. Frederick’s impending departure spells doom for both sides of his family and they do their best to sabotage his courtship. However, their desperate schemes are overshadowed by a growing presence lurking in the swamp with the the power to destroy everyone in the parish.

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  1. this one is very interesting. I like it.

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