Happy Memorial Day!!

Happy Memorial day! Many of us writers will see this as a day to grab some free food, post up in the shade, and catch up on our word counts. On behalf of your tucked out brains, I’m asking you to REST. Yes, rest. Back away from the computer (tablet, phablet, parchment scrolls, whatever…) and let your creative battery recharge. I’m all for writing daily, really I am, but there are some days that you have to let it go. Why? Well several reasons, but there are three that affect the quality of your writing.
First and foremost, you need distance. The initial draft of anything is $h!t, but it will be harder to see the errors if you don’t take some time off from your pending masterpiece. Your mind is magical and not only will you miss major plot holes, your brain will sweep over basic grammatical issues because it is well aquatinted with what you want to say.
Second, your physical body needs a break. My job requires me to sit in front of a monitor and type eight hours a day, then I come home and type for another few hours. Eye strain and aching fingers will put a damper on any aspiring author’s motivation.
Last, and we are loathed to admit it, we need to find fresh ideas to inspire us. It’s very easy to fall into a rut and write slightly varied versions of the same character or scenario over and over again. I won’t point any fingers, but some well know authors are guilty of this. A day off may take you new places or bring you in contact with new people and things that will translate to innovative concepts on paper. So go out into the sunshine, thank a vet, and improve your writing skills.

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