Ignore Them All and Write

Ignore everyone? Hmm… is that even possible with the pervasive technology that we eagerly carry around? I’m certain more than a few of my friends and family would come to my house and crawl through a window if I ignored them for more than 13hours (I’m looking at you Snow). It seems the era of sequestered writing is dead and with it the stereotype of the fusty, introverted writer. So how are we getting it done? Well some of us are waking up extra early and others are staying up extra late. However, with only 24 hours in each day, this can add up to poor quality of work and poor quality of life. The rest of us are carving out time where we can and using the very same technology that won’t give us any peace to up our word count.
If you have a long commute, then it’s easy to whip out your tablet (or laptop?) and bang out a chapter. Drivers have the luxury of dictating scenes into their phones. I love using Siri on my iPhone to dictate an email with a scene or two. Those with shorter commutes text themselves ideas or dialog throughout the day. This is akin to the cell phone novel phenomenon that originated in Japan. Right now I’m composing this on my office computer during my lunch break. I’ll email this to my phone then upload it via the WordPress app.
Technology ensures that we are never more than a swipe away from our writing. While big chunks of time will still be needed to edit those first drafts, I think we will start to see novels written in sync with the natural flow of our lives. We are finally able to live our passion in real time.

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