The Overview for the Shadows of Rykubo

The only thing I love better than a good ghost story is a fun fantasy…so I wrote one. It’s short and geared towards children, but my adult reviewers have enjoyed it, too.

In the 30,000 word novel, Shadows of Rykubo, a disappointing admiral’s daughter becomes the ultimate prize between vying factions of a secret war when a coterie of renegade wizards discovers she is the long sought heir to the elemental power of the sea.
Sigolene Oronato, with her constant magical outbursts and ruddy complexion, stands out amid the placid ebon people of the kingdom of Rykubo. Although she is allowed some leeway because of her father’s status, he cannot protect her when she commits the ultimate treason of casting a spell. Instead she is saved from her pending sentence by an unlikely abductor whose ill-prepared sponsor all but delivers Sigolene directly to Rykubo’s oldest foe. As the final battle lines are drawn, Sigolene finds herself torn between the beloved homeland that repressed her and the magical liberators who seek to enforce long reviled ideals. However, another force waits in the shadows, unseen and unacknowledged, prepared to do whatever is necessary to sway the battle in its favor. Sigolene must use her new powers and developing wisdom to guide everyone to the path that brings lasting peace.


  1. As one of the adult readers, I must say this book is literary genius and leaves you all but salivating for more.

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