Five Fun Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

Here’s a list of things I do to break the hold of that dreaded beast:

1. Do a handstand. The rush of blood to the head sends the brain cells into overdrive and soon you’re sailing through your scenes. If you can’t do a handstand then hang your head off the side of the couch or the bed.

2. Play a Game. Yes, indulging in those bright, addictive time sucks installed on your cell phones and tablets can rattle lose the very idea you need to move forward. Go for something easy to let go like Bejeweled or Fruit Ninja. Avoid Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga at all costs.

3. Drink…water. Sometimes fuzzy brains indicate dehydration. A nice tall drink of water will bring you back into focus and improve your health in the long run. Stock up on flavored or fancy waters when you hunker down for your next writing session.

4. Have a laugh or two. Find a clip of your favorite comedian on YouTube, pick any one of thousands of hysterical Vines, or scroll through a few memes to snap you out of the inevitable bad mood that comes with writer’s block.

5. Stimulate the senses. I favor aural stimulation since I can usually get back on track with just a few songs. However, I also like to hop on Instagram and Pinterest for stunning and interesting pictures. Unfortunately, both of those sites can turn into major time sucks. I haven’t had much luck using my other senses to prompt my writing. Not unless snacking counts.

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